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About The Brand

Divya Chugh Jewellery is distinctive in style. It is intricate yet striking, bold yet feminine. The brand become synonymous with setting high standards for style, quality, detailing, design and elegance.  This is a line of limited edition jewels that lets one indulge in the feeling of luxury being affordable to all.

Unusual colours combined with exotic precious and semi precious gemstones and pearls set the basis for  Divya Chugh’s  novel designs and all the pieces are set and crafted using the highest standards in manufacturing techniques thus never compromising on the finish. The jewellery is manufactured in  different workshops one in old Delhi while the other in Jaipur jewellery design workshop. And everything is assembled and quality checked in the  design studio The Divya Chugh in the Indian Market scenario and is recognized for its quality and craftsmanship.

About The Designer

Divya Chugh  is  Jewellery designer and gemmologist who’s foray for the jewellery line was purely by chance when she decided to do a course in Diamond Grading at the renowned International Gemmological Institute, Antwerp after finishing  her degree in Psychology .She has always been creatively inclined. Her sense of visual perception stimulates her senses to see design in the most least expected places. She insists on being a perfectionist who loves to please herself first so that so that she can eventually please her clients. According to her, ‘Modernity and urban elegance form the basis of  her designs.’

She loves to resign and remodel  old and antique jewellery giving them  a modern look yet what can be inherited for generations further again . With 13 years of focus and experience in this field, she still feels like a creatively inclined soul who happened to come into Jewellery Designing by chance, only to discover that she was born for it.

Trained at the London Institute of Design and the International Gemological Institute, New Delhi, Divya Chugh first launched her eponymous label in 2004.  With a unique style and passion for design, Divya has established a name for herself as one of the most sought after jewellery brands in the country with an elite clientele and patrons from all over the world.

As a designer, Divya’s personal aesthetic has evolved with both Indian as well as Western overtones, and a constant endeavour to mix different ideas, technology and aesthetic to meet the clients needs. With a combination of traditional Indian designs and modern techniques, ‘Jewellery by Divya Chugh’ has created a distinct design aesthetic, which makes the brand uniquely beautiful – in fashion jewellery as well as high-end precious jewellery.

Design Vision:

‘My design vision is to create two parallel options for clients. One, where retail jewellery is sold and the other, where ideas and designs are especially created for the client. These are done with the latest technology in stone setting and elaborate use of metal, to create styles that are unique and individual, but have a distinct ‘Divya Chugh’ statement! My emphasis is on each piece being of the highest quality, and I love re-interpreting antique jewellery with a modern twist.”

Divya is also a self-taught artist and lives in New Delhi, India.